Our Company
Diamond Innovative Paralegal Services help individuals who have sought to defend themselves in legal proceedings or require document processing  to be performed on their behalf. We offer clients with affordable access to the overpriced legal system.  We are a non-attorney self-help legal form preparation service that specializes in Family Law Document Preparation.
Our company provides the client with competent, quality and professional service that they can rely on. Our clients make all their own legal choices.

*Our prices are affordable and the quality of our work is very competitive. We will provide you with all necessary documents needed for your situation whether it is contracts  for your business or  dissolving a marriage. We can have your documents within 2-4 business days. It is that Simple. We also do filing and servicing for addtional costs. Make an appointment and let us work for you!

  1. Know the Law
    Know the Law
    Having Knowledge of the Law is the most important gift that you can give to yourself. It is the key to Success. Know your rights. Know the FACTS!
  2. Client Relationship
    Client Relationship
    Our office is built on developing your trust so that you know that we are supplying you with competent, quality and professional services so that you can make the right legal choices for yourself and your family.
  3. Attorneys
    We are not Lawyers! We do not offer legal advice or practice law. We prepare, and upon approval and signature, file and return the documents to you in a timely fashion. If we feel your situation is not prepared properly we will refer you to an attorney.