Meet The Founder
LaShanda Alexander
Diamond Innovative was founded by LaShanda Alexander. She has over 20 years paralegal experience and great knowledge of the legal system. LaShanda holds an Associate Degree in Paralegal, Bachelors Degree in Psychology as well as a Masters in Business. She is also a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Association.

LaShanda is the proud parent of Four successful young men and strives on helping others. She went back to school and was successful in completing her Bachelors and Masters Degree while working full time. She has worked in the Law field as well as the hospitality industry for 6+ years. She worked hard and was determined to follow in her parents foot steps to become a successful business owner. She is now fullfillingĀ  that dream and making it a reality with the help and support of great family and friends and most of all her faith in Christ.

Her greatest hope is that her accomplishments can be an inspiration and motivation to other women to go after their dreams and never settle for less.
"The best way to be successful is to have knowledge because knowledge is power. Never settle for less than you deserve and most importantly never allow anyone to dictate how far you can succeed. Your journey is not anyone else's journey. Your success depends on you"

LaShanda A.