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Need to start your Divorce paperwork but you are out of town or your schedule wont allow you to make an appointment??.....NO PROBLEM!

We are now offering clients the ability to complete their paperwork online.
What Steps do I need to take:

1) Choose from one of our Packages Below
2)Make your Purchase
3) Go to the "Contact" Section of the website and fill out your contact Information

Once this is recieved you will recieve a "Client Information Form" in your email within in 24-48 hours. This needs to be filled out throughly.
Send back via email or regular mail and we wil begin processng your paperwork. It is that Simple!

Once paperwork is complete you will receive your packet via certified mail. (If you have chosen to file your own paperwork, an instruction sheet will be sent back with your paperwork on how to proceed. If you have chosen for us to complete all filing and serving of your spouse you will need to sign all paperwork and send back)
.$425.00(plus tax)/Simple Divorce Packet (Includes Document Preparation ONLY with Notary Services for all Documents)
$675.00(plus tax)/ Complete Divorce Packet (Includes Document Preparation/Filing Services, Requesting of Hearing, Notary Services for all Documents, Server Process, Mailing Fees)

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*Court Filing Fee of $150.00 is separate and must be paid in a money order made out to the Family Court.