We offer the following services at affordable prices

All Petitions/Motions/Complaints starting at $375.00
Uncontested Divorces starting at $425.00
Starting Profit/Non-Profit Business starting at $350.00
Simple Wills $150.00
Durable Power of Attorney $250.00
Contracts-Deeds-starts at $125.00
Simple Probate starting at $1200.00
Notary  (first signature starting at $5.00, each additional  $2.50)
Legal Research  $85/hr (minimum 4 hours required)

All out of state Documents are additional $100.00

All pricing includes preparation of  Documents ONLY!  The price you are quoted is exactly what  you will pay for our services plus taxes. Thats it. No surprise costs. My fees are flat fees, meaning no hidden fees; please note that our office offers FILING of documents upon request for a fee of $175.00 in addition to the Filing fee that the Court Requires and any additional charges for personal service and certified mailing.

We do offer  many more services inluding  Petition for Custody-Petition Child Support Reduction-Landlord/Tenant Issues
(prices do not include personal service, certified mail and Court Filing Fees)